Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend: part 1

       This weekend I baby-sat and hung out with some really good friends of mine.  We baby- sat from about 10:15 A.M. on Saturday to 5:00 that night.  When we got there we ( the kids ) played with board games and on the computer. Then we did lunch and a movie/ clean-up time. When the movie got boring, we paused and went to play outside on what we call "The Path" ( It is just a little walking path that goes behind their house. But, it is paved so it is great for bikes and scooters. )  Then back inside for baking cookies!!!

Smile....  :D

So,  then I took my camera and headed out to see how the Wii- players were doing.

When I saw that all was well, I went back to check on the cookies.

Making cookies is hard work...

Me with my chocolate :)


And some more random pics.

A little while later, Beth did Katee's hair for the Home Coming dance.

She looked sooooo cute in her dress!!!

Well, here's the end (of the cookies)