Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

     This year we spent Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family.  My cousins and I all went over to my grandma's house to bake cookies and other treats, like we do every year.

First we made Almond Roca.

You start by melting butter in a pan.

Then you stir,

And stir,

And stir until it all melts.

Then you add some sugar,

and stir some more, until it looks...

... like this. Then you keep on stirring ( yes, I know, this involves A LOT of stirring)
and add in the sliced almonds.

When it is finally done, it should look something like this.

Then you pour it into a pan, and let it cool for a long time.
Eventually, you add melted chocolate and let that cool.

We also made sugar cookies, that I LOVE!! They are really good, and we make them every year. I don't have very many pictures of making the cookies, because my hands were really messy, but I do have some pictures of the frosting process afterwards... 

We spread the cookies out on some wax paper.

My grandma made some frosting and then we added color, using food coloring.

Once the frosting is done, we frosted all the cookies.

Here are some of mine:

Every year, we use the left over dough to make a blob. This year, I got to make it and take it home :)

This one is another favorite of mine. It is supposed to be a little scotty dog,
but it usually turns out to look like a giraffe. 
 The little green cookie right above the giraffe-dog, is supposed to be a fish.
But as soon as I covered it in green frosting, it just looked like a turkey leg.
So I took a bite out of it, and that is what it became. :)
( you can see it better in the picture above this one)

After fun and cookies,  we all went to the Christmas Eve service at church.  Every thing went really well, and I really enjoyed it. My favorite part every year, is at the end when we turn out all the lights. Everyone holds a candle, and then we sing. I still liked that part this year, but it made it a bit scarier when  there is two four-year- olds dancing around right in front of you. All I was hoping is that I neither one would bump in to me and make me drop my candle on them. That would have ended badly...

Everyone went back over to my Grandparent's house to eat dinner and open a few presents.  We had taco soup for dinner (  which was really good!! ) and then headed into the living room.

(I think that Jered and Brenna are "squishing" people between their fingers, but I'm not quite sure)

There were only a few present, since it was just Christmas Eve, but everyone still got something.

There's Aunt Leanne, Uncle Andy, Jered, and ( Cousin) Erinn's head.

I got some coffee,

I-tunes money,

and some cash.

Then we all played a card game called Scum. 

In the game, you move around the table. Andy (green shirt) was the king most of the time. 
The circle continues around the table clockwise, and ends with Erinn ( gray and white shirt), who is the 
scum in this picture.  Where you sit around the table depends on how well you did that round. 

We all had a great time.  My birthday party pictures didn't turn out very well, but I do have more pictures from Christmas, and the day after that. :)

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