Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend: part 2

Well, it seems as though I need 2 parts to tell about my weekend. So here:

After Katee left for the dance, Abby and I ( or Beth...  ) decided to send the 3 little boys to play at the neighbor's house. That way we would have less kids to watch so that we could clean ( oh boy!!).  We walked the boys down the street and then went back and cleaned the kitchen. ( Fun, right?)   I think that we were supposed to clean up all of the stuff that Beth used to do Katee's hair, but instead ( with Beth's permission) we did Aden's hair. Well,  OK, maybe I can't exactly say that we did her hair, seeing as neither of us had ever curled anyone's hair before. So maybe we just experimented on it.  Nobody got burnt or anything, but it didn't really turn out very well.... 

Yep. That's what we did. We also cleaned up around the house, and I spent the night. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend: part 1

       This weekend I baby-sat and hung out with some really good friends of mine.  We baby- sat from about 10:15 A.M. on Saturday to 5:00 that night.  When we got there we ( the kids ) played with board games and on the computer. Then we did lunch and a movie/ clean-up time. When the movie got boring, we paused and went to play outside on what we call "The Path" ( It is just a little walking path that goes behind their house. But, it is paved so it is great for bikes and scooters. )  Then back inside for baking cookies!!!

Smile....  :D

So,  then I took my camera and headed out to see how the Wii- players were doing.

When I saw that all was well, I went back to check on the cookies.

Making cookies is hard work...

Me with my chocolate :)


And some more random pics.

A little while later, Beth did Katee's hair for the Home Coming dance.

She looked sooooo cute in her dress!!!

Well, here's the end (of the cookies)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day.

        Christmas Day started out bright and early.... okay, so it was 9:45, but that's still early for me!  Anyway, we got to my Grandparent's house around 9:45, and then had a wonderful breakfast of coffee cake, eggs, and bacon. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing card games until my aunt, uncle, and cousin got there. Once everyone was all settled in, we opened presents, ate a really good dinner, and played more card games. We also played on my grandparent's new Wii.

                                                        I wasn't the only one with a camera...

                                                  Next was a game of Wii golf...

                                                      Then dessert, and card games

 Next to come:  Day after Christmas, and New Year's Eve.